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CNG Concepts

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Go Natural CNG is in the process of developing its own proprietary residential fueling appliance.  With over 75 million homes in America that already have natural gas service, a residential fueling appliance is the fastest way to get CNG infrastructure across the USA.  Over the past 3 years GoNatual has partnered with Parker Hannifin, a multi-billion dollar component manufacturer, to bring a new compression technology to the gaseous fuels market.  While 98% of most CNG compressors use reciprocating technology to compress fuel, GoNatural has developed patented hydraulic technology to compress the natural gas.  The technology we have developed has numerous benefits to the industry including;

  • Low capital cost allows homes of any size to realize the convenience & economic benefits of on-site natural gas refueling 
  • Operates at 15 RPM's giving the compressor much greater durability
  • Built-in performance monitoring & diagnostics through WIFI, Ethernet or Cellular Modem
  • Oil-free compression chamber delivers uncontaminated fuel to the vehicle
  • Simple, inexpensive installation and site permit requirements
  • Indoor and outdoor refueling options

We have 5 prototype residential compressors operating currently and are planning to begin certification 2nd quarter of 2012 and full production by 2013.  Please contact us for more development updates.


Alternative Clean Transportation Expo

174664 138984152816447 554873327 nConvening June 24-27 in Washington, DC, ACT Expo brings the urgency of switching to alternative fuels and clean vehicle technologies to the nation's legislators.

Natural Gas Vehicle Infrastructure Conference & Exhibition

Natural Gas Vehicle Infrastructure Conference & Exhibition (2nd Annual)Feb. 24-26, 2013 in Houston, TX.

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